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Sylwia Chutnik

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Sylwia Chutnik

Writer, journalist, social activist, and literature advocate

Literary Union Association


Program title:

HerStory Project


During this #HerStory, you will create your own narrative-driven magazine alongside Sylwia Chutnik, turning your unique story into a powerful zine, while also empowering others through a workshop on novel creation and literature.

Application deadline:

January 28, 2024

| 23:59 CET

Program date:

February - April

Program duration:

3 months

Program description:

Have you ever thought about a career in writing? Is publishing a novel, creating a newspaper, or becoming a renowned publicist your dream? Good news! This time, you can get an exclusive opportunity to work one-on-one with a Nike Award Nominee, accomplished writer, publicist, social activist, and a distinguished laureate of the coveted 'Paszport Polityki' award—Sylwia Chutnik! In this empowering #Herstory project, you'll not only gain insights into the writing process but also collaborate with Sylwia to bring your own narrative to life, publishing your independent magazine (zine)! But that's not all—Girls Future Ready is all about women's support and solidarity. #Herstory extends beyond individual growth. As part of this initiative, you'll have the chance to inspire and guide other young women. Share your passion and knowledge by leading a workshop with Sylwia about the entire process of creating a novel, empowering others to find their voice in the world of literature. Write your own history! Remember to share the news with Your friends, as sometimes one news can change Your life! Read more about laureats and finalists of #Herstory on our Medium account 📖 Get #FutureReady!

About the mentor:

Born in 1979 in Warsaw, Sylwia holds a Doctorate in Humanities. She graduated in Cultural Studies and Gender Studies from the University of Warsaw. She is a writer, journalist, social activist, and advocate for literature. A member of the Literary Union Association, she curates literary festivals and initiatives such as the International Literary Festival Apostrof, Literary Café OFF Festival, author discussions, and meetings. Sylwia teaches at the University of Warsaw, SWPS University, and at the writing school Maszyna do Pisania. Her columns appear in "Polityka," "Czas Literatury," and various online portals. She co-hosted literary programs like "Cappuccino with a Book" and "Forgotten - Recovered" on TVP Kultura and "Literary Lair." Her writings feature in collective books, art exhibition catalogs, and theater programs including the Grand Theatre - National Opera, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, and the Nobel Museum in Stockholm. She occasionally publishes in Polish and foreign press and has contributed academic texts to over 25 publications and collective books. Sylwia received grants from Homines Urbani 2008, Books from Lithuania Institute 2009, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage 2010, City of Warsaw 2010, and Goethe Institute 2010. She's won literary and social awards, participating in the juries for awards like Olga Rok Award, Citizens' Scientific Awards by "Polityka," and serves on the Board of Feminoteka Foundation. She was the vocalist of the punk band Zimny Maj and hosts the podcasts Radio Sylwia and Elgiebete TV.

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The applications for this program are now closed! Check out our other initiatives or the success stories from this program HERE.

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