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We know girls are powerful, our mission is to help them know it too.

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What we do

We are a foundation for all girls 14-24 years old from Central Eastern Europe developing programs to support their education and career development with hands-on experience to prepare for a global future.

Key pillars

Global mindset

The world is huge. This is something that we should be excited about and take advantage of and not fear.

Public speaking

We believe your ideas are only worth as much as how well you can communicate them.

English skills

Proficient business-oriented English skills are necessary in a global world.


Boosting your ‘I can do it’ mindset that is the starting point to success.


Boosting your innovative thinking and leaderships skills that are necessary not only in your own ventures but in every career you choose.

Women solidarity

Before we can fight for gender equality, us, women, need to learn to support one another first. 

Youth empowerment

We, young people, have the world in our hands and with the right mindset and education, can achieve so much.

Competencies of the future

Giving you the skills you need to become future-ready.

Our key pillars

A word from our founder

Hi, my name is Zofia Kierner

I believe ambitious girls from CEE have global potential and they deserve a space that will boost their confidence and abilities when they grow. We, young people, are the leaders of the future and we need to develop the skills that will be necessary to be future CEOs, politicians, professors, executives and more. If this is your dream, we have built this foundation for you! Join us to become #futureready!

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best programs.

GFR offers a series of programs that helps you unlock skills necessary to become #futureready.

Don't just take our word for it
I genuinely think that Girls Future Ready is one of the most amazing groups of people I have ever met. Those inspiring individuals can surprise me every time we see each other. That’s why I want to stay.
Aleksandra Tracichleb
Laureate of HerStory with Irma
Girls Future Ready makes a girl from Poland truly believe that she can run the world and it is the ONLY organisation in Poland that does so with such passion and efficacy.
Dominika Wilczok
Laureate of HerStory with Antonina Majchrzak
Since I've been with GFR, I've had so many opportunities for development that it's like a universe! Ever since I've been with you, I've been living my dream life, and it's absolutely incredible!
Daria Stępień
Girls Global Ready program participant
Zofia is a very passionate young lady who knows that she has power in her hands and she uses it to change the world for the better.
Karolina Tulik
Laureate of HerStory Project with Ismena Dabrowska
Thanks to Girls Future Ready I opened my dream business after I won HerStory program and that changed a lot in my life. There are no organizations in Poland that support your female development in the way that GFR does.
Julia Polaczek
Laureate of HerStory project with Ande Lyons
GFR shows hidden dreams of people like me. If it weren't for Girls Future Ready, I would probably never start my own podcast or gain a belief in myself and my abilities.
Julia Kobielska
Laureate of HerStory project with Halo, Dziewczyny
The #togetherforteachers program has had an immense impact on my students. Some of my students for the first time in their lives had the opportunity to speak English with kids from the United States and what's more, it was the perfect way to improve their speaking skills.
Małgorzata Konopczyńska
English Teacher at XXI liceum, Glogow, Poland
'For me, Girls Global Ready program broadened my horizons, allowed me to overcome the fear of talking, and most importantly - allowed me to develop or even discover new skills, both interperonal and creative.'
Zuzanna from Poland
Mentee, GGR 2022
Without Girls Future Ready community, I wouldn't be where I am now
Karolina Wierzba
Girls Future Ready Intern
All our programs

Herstory project


A 1-on-1, 3 month mentorship program where we connect 1 mentor with 1 mentee to create 1 concrete final project. We announce new mentors every month.

Herstory masterclass


Monthly 1,5h workshops with executive women from a variety of industries teaching us concrete skills. We announce new speakers every month.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
The only conference you need
The only conference you need

Girls global ready


Each year we connect 200 girls from CEE and the US in pairs to work on global initiatives. At the end the winning pair wins a trip to meet one another somewhere in the world.



Before we can fight for women solidarity we must support one another first. Join the GFR community to find support for your projects, boost your development, and participate in our programs. 
Stay updated about our initiatives.

Created for young women by a team of young women.

Our team works day and night to give girls access to global opportunities. Learn how it all started and why we do what we do.

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We've got the answers to your questions

Can I support GFR from the back end?

Yes! You can always reach out via mail given in “contact us” or through messages on social media to one of our team members. Then, we will see if we are a good fit and find the best suitable position supporting our initiatives and giving you the opportunity to develop!

How to support the GFR mission and initiatives?

We would greatly appreciate any kind of donation! You can become our donor by clicking on the “donate” button or become our patron on Patronite. Apart from that, sharing GFR initiatives with friends via social media or putting in a good word for the foundation is always support for us! There is nothing that grows the heart as much as a growing community. Your support on social media is also crucial for us!!

How can I join GFR programs?

Choose the program in which you want to take part and fill out the application form on our website or attached to each post on our social media. After summiting the application form, expect to hear back from us with your recruitment results!

How can I stay in the loop about GFR updates?

There are a few ways! First, we recommend following us on our social media (IG, Fb and LI) where we actively post about our open initiatives! Next, subscribe to our newsletter where you will get the most important updates right in your mailbox. Lastly, keep up with our website where you can find all the information you need about us and our work!