HerStory Masterclass

Anna Kowalczyk

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Anna Kowalczyk

Founder and President of the Women's History Museum

Women's History Museum


Program title:

HerStory Masterclass


The Missing Half of History - What our Great-Grandmothers are Teaching Us

Application deadline:

March 11, 2023

| 23:59 CET

Program date:

March 14th, 2023, 19:00 CET

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Program description:

There is no better way to celebrate Women's Month than by meeting with an inspiring woman and delving into the history of women! Let's uncover the secrets and stories of our past with an amazing #HerStory Masterclass titled ‘The Missing Half of History - What Our Great-grandmothers are Trying to Teach Us.’ Our speaker will be one and only Anna Kowalczyk, a journalist, writer, Founder and President of the Women's History Museum, and the Ambassador of a campaign promoting schools to name themselves after distinguished women. Discover how our great-grandmothers have been overlooked throughout history, yet are still trying to share their invaluable contributions and wisdom with us today. You won't want to miss this meeting! We have 1 copy of Anna’s book ‘Brakujaca polowa dziejow” that you can win at this Masterclass!! To enter the giveaway: 💗 Register and attend this #Masterclass 💗 Share the announcement post about this Masterclass on your social media (FB and Instagram) (remember to tag Girls Future Ready) 💗 Tag 3 friends under this post that you think should know about this Masterclass!

About the mentor:

The Missing Half of History - What Our Great-Grandmothers are Trying to Teach Us

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