HerStory Masterclass

Sylwia Kotowska

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Sylwia Kotowska

IT expert, mathematician, coach and mentor from Roche.



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HerStory Masterclass


Have you ever heard that perception is reality? Have you considered the HUGE impact that perception has on your career? Look no further as we are back with another amazing #HerStory Masterclass!

Application deadline:

April 23, 2024

| 23:59 CET

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Program description:

In this #HerStory Masterclass Sylwia will share with us her personal career development secrets and walk you through how you can utilize perception to maximize your career!

About the mentor:

IT expert, mathematician, coach and mentor from Roche. From leading over 140 projects for big names like IKEA, Oracle, and Bayer, climbing the laser from junior positions to managerial roles, Her expertise in project management and IT functions is truly remarkable!

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The applications for this program are now closed! Check out our other initiatives or the success stories from this program HERE.

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