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Ewelina Kowalska

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Ewelina Kowalska

Coach and trainer specializing in psychosocial skills

Szkoła w Chmurze


Program title:

HerStory Project


During this #HerStory Project, you will focus on essential skills sought by employers. Ewelina, a certified coach and journalist, will guide you in discovering your potential and navigating the evolving job market. The program concludes with an exciting conference, where Ewelina helps create an event highlighting flexibility and future skills.

Application deadline:

February 25, 2024

| 23:59 CET

Program date:

March - May

Program duration:

3 months

Program description:

We are thrilled to introduce our incredible new #HerStory Project mentor, Ewelina Kowalska, certified coach, trainer, and journalist with a passion for empowering individuals! 💫 Ewelina loves leading workshops on working with resources and potentials, building self-confidence, assertiveness, and fostering flexibility in the labor market. She believes in the power of empathic leadership and overall well-being. Not only does she work full-time at the Szkoła w Chmurze, designing development and mentoring programs, but she also collaborates with Lazarski University, providing career coaching and workshops for young people. She is committed to supporting NGO’s and, in addition to Ewelina’s work as a journalist and sociologist of new media, she runs the podcast “Szkoła w Chmurze,” which dives into the challenges of innovative education. 📚 Throughout this #HerStory, Ewelina will guide her mentee in discovering their potential and understanding the ever-changing labor market. Their mentoring journey will focus on important competencies sought after by employers and the development of essential soft skills. But there’s more! The final product of their mentoring journey is an exciting conference. Ewelina will help her mentee create a dynamic event centered around the concept of flexibility and future skills! This conference will not only provide expert insights but will also incorporate workshops, creative activities, and the chance to meet other talented individuals. Participants will have the opportunity to network, collaborate in smaller group workshops, while exploring their potential in a wonderful atmosphere. This conference will allow attendees to experiment with and experience the benefits of flexibility firsthand and become truly #futureready Apply before the 25th of February and let your potential shine in this exciting and modern mentoring experience. Together we can help more women use their strength and navigate through the future! Join us today and write your own story! #HerStory #FutureReady

About the mentor:

Certified coach and psychosocial skills trainer, Ewelina is passionate about conducting workshops on resource and potential-based work, adaptability in the job market, building self-confidence, self-awareness, assertiveness, empathetic leadership, and well-being. In her daily life, she works full-time at Cloud School, designing developmental and mentoring programs. Ewelina conducts coaching sessions and workshops, collaborating with Lazarski University to provide career coaching for young individuals and workshops on unlocking potentials. She actively supports young people on their career paths. Ewelina is also a graduate of the Train the Trainers on Humanitarian Operations Programme (Humanitarian Leadership Academy / Save the Children). She trains non-governmental organizations, including Ashoka and the Ukrainian Association in Poland, supporting NGOs in providing assistance to refugees, particularly focusing on the well-being of workers and the standards of smart aid. With an educational background in journalism and sociology of new media, she hosts the podcast "Cloud School," addressing topics related to the challenges of innovative education. Professionally, she collaborates with OLX, writing articles on soft skills desired in the job market. She is also a guest on the TOK FM program "Good Work."

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